Food For Thought: The Generational Gap

I find it frustrating at times, when dealing with those from previous generations, some Baby Boomers but mostly those from the earlier half of Generation X. When I look and perceive the world, I see a world that is ever-changing, and as inhabitants we need to keep an open mind and adapt, evolve with the times. Know that not one person has the answers to everything and continue to learn and change with the times. When dealing, talking with those from previous generations, not all, but a big part of them, its frustrating that they are so set in their ways, set in their mindset of what is right and what is wrong. I can bring factual information, clear concrete evidence that 1+1 equals 2, but if they were raised that 1+1 equals 3, then they will argue and refuse to see reason, then blame my generation or future generations for either being disrespectful, knowing incorrect information, or just look at us like we’re kids who have no knowledge of the world. It’s viewpoints like these that cause the world to not evolve, not change for the better. Viewpoints such as these lead to misunderstandings, arguments, racism, sexism, and many more things that shouldn’t even be.
The past is the past, and we have evolved from that. The mindset that not everyone is equal, such as the color of your skin, whether you are male or female, how you may look like, dictates how society views you. Change needs to happen on both sides, and as long as neither side in prior generations refuse to see it as that, there will be division. Why can’t they just see people as people? Regardless on how we look on the outside, we are all still human, still people with emotions, with feelings, who are capable of crying, of smiling, of loving, of understanding. Even a basic human feeling as love, is being challenged, due to how it was viewed by society in the past. That love is only acceptable in society if it is between a man and a women. We see that in our time now, that ideal is being fought, to allow love to just be love. Something like love shouldn’t even need to be fought in the first place. What gives a person the right to dictate how a human should feel, that their heart is wronged for loving someone, feeling affection for someone. As time continues to go by, I see little by little that things are changing, do to those from the newer generations, but there are always those who have seem to be corrupted by the thoughts and ways of old, mostly due to being raised by those who refuse to evolve and adapt with the times. Its sad to see those few, but in time as the previous generations die out, hopefully those ways will disappear with them, and the world will be able to enter a new era smoothly, and not with the constant road bumps we currently face.
Knowledge should be shared, criticism should be heard as constructive, not a personal attack, and many times now age is not a factor of how much experience one may have. Everyone has different experiences in life, and everyone lives a different life. Someone younger than me may have more experience than me in something I’ve never experience, and to me, I look at that as a learning opportunity, not a personal insult. Yet why do some people feel the need that they must know more than those younger than them? Do they feel like it’s an attack on their ego? Or that society will view them as unintelligent and as someone less? If people focused on understanding one another, accepting one another, then the world would be a much positive place.
Everyone’s viewpoint is different, and there isn’t one viewpoint that is right or wrong. Humans perceive things differently. And that is what makes us human, makes us able to change, adapt, and evolve. Having different viewpoints and sharing those viewpoints, collaborating, allows everyone to view things in a wider perspective. That is how we continue to evolve, develop a better understanding of concepts and improve on them. If we didn’t, the telegraph would probably never evolved into a telephone, which then developed into a mobile phone, which eventually lead to the development being able to video call someone.
If you had time to read my food for thought all the way through, share with me your perceptive, do you agree or disagree? Do you find the same frustration as I do? Either from talking to someone from a previous generation, someone from the same generation, or someone from a newer generation.
– Mike


Food For Thought

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