Writing Corner: Reminisce, A Place So Close Yet So Far

Calm and shimmering within the sunlight

Thrashing and courageous within the moonlight

I miss the smooth sounds as I walked right beside you

The gentle caress that surround me with each step I take


The signs of life that you show

With your strong might and power

Home to creatures yet undiscovered

A haven of life, beautiful yet strong


I reminisce at the times

Where I would look across the distance

Awed by your beauty

And the calmness that you bring


Home, recollections of past memories

Walking down the same dirt road

That one day become much more

Change, as the world around undergoes

I watched you change, as you watched me


I miss the streetlights, the wave of vehicles

Undergoing their personal lives

The sweet mountain air

Breath, from the fresh cool ocean

Rolling through the vast lively forest


I miss the sounds of the night

The sweet, sweet serenity

As if completion wasn’t such a distant away

I close my eyes, envisioning such a precious dream

And smile as I drift away to the reality that calls

Writing Corner

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