Writing Corner: Choices Within Fate & Destiny

A predetermined meeting

As we crossed path unexpectedly

Going through our everyday lives

Without a glance back at each other

And our lives continue

While we go on about our days

Until the day comes

When we meet once again

Unknown that our path would cross once more

Was it fate

Was it by chance

That we were given

The opportunity to become friends

The choices that we made

Tied into the plans of destiny

For we both needed a new start

From a yesterday of nightmares

And while we weren’t searching

We were brought together somehow

For then our lives changed

With every interaction we had

And the hidden question unknown within

Was accidently answered

With each passing moment that was shared

A new found hope showing us the way

For meeting you was fate

And becoming your friend was a choice

But falling for you

Was something uncontrollable

Writing Corner

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