Writing Corner: When All Hope Falters

The sadness that he left

The scars deep within

As he said his goodbyes

Has caused you to run and hide

Away from the world


With a never ending flow of tears

Never forgetting the one who hurt you

The world continues to revolve

And as he goes his separate way

You sit alone in the darkness

Clinging on memories of past happiness

As sorrows and pain dwell in your eyes

And your world trembles down


Let me be the one to piece it back together

Reach out and take my hand

And I will guide you towards a forgotten tomorrow

Into the warmth once remembered

Erasing the darkness to pave way to a new light

Allowing hope to shine

Ad sorrows slowly drift away


So you can see

Even in the deepest darkness

There will always be a light

To guide you to a place you belong

Believe in the light

And hope will never falter

Writing Corner

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