Writing Corner: Dreams & Reality

Looking out the window

The sun shining it’s radiance

The warmth all around

And light overflowing endlessly


A perfect painting

Until I close my eyes

My vision blurs

Between reality and dreams


To hear raindrops fall

Droplets slowly splashing away

The far off memories of the past

As an old film plays in the background


Reliving the same scene

Over and over, a never-ending cycle

And as the coldness looms in

All warmth and comfort fades away


I look up to the darkening sky

Crying it’s last tune

As blackness engulfs the last ray of light

And the shadows of loneliness

Sweep across from an unknown distance


I think back when the sun used to shine

Deep within myself

Now frozen in this icy prison

Drifting between dreams and reality

What awaits when I open my eyes

Writing Corner

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