Writing Corner: I Await For That Day

As I sit here in the dark

I feel the coldness of the air

Wrapping around me

My skin lay still

As it slowly freezes up

An eternal slumber
I close my eyes

And try to imagine

A warmer place

Where light shines upon

Radiating warmth touching my skin


The frozen layers

Melting, helplessly against the

Powerful rays of warmth


The illusions my mind creates

And the harsh realities of the world

Clash in my head

And slowly I lose consciousness

Of the world around me


And I will fall into an abyss

That has been forever lurking near

And fall into an eternal slumber

Asleep against the world

Until a warm radiating light

That I have been waiting for

Will wake me up from my

Endless nightmares

Brighten up the world

And lifting me up

Back into the world once again

I await for that day

I await for that day

I await for that day

Writing Corner

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