Writing Corner: Void

I hate it when I’m just sitting here

And suddenly a feeling of dread

Spreads throughout me

A flood of emotions that I try

To keep subdue try to break free


I sit here silently

Holding back tears

You don’t deserve

And hoping to be one day free

From this ever feeling

Of sorrow, sadness, and loneliness


I feel like there is a void

Deep inside and I don’t know how to heal it

And I fight with myself everyday

Knowing that you were not worth this pain I feel


For someone to cause me so much pain

Someone who loved me so

To throw me back into the darkness

You said you would rescue me from


The coldness slowly wrapping around me

As the last of my warmth dissipates

The light slowly dimming away

To an everlasting sleep

Until one day

Where I can smile again

And escape this feeling, this void you’ve caused

Writing Corner

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