Writing Corner: Falling Through Despair

Falling down through despair

Drowning in sorrows

I could feel the darkness creeping slowly

Nights of endless tears

A coldness forever enwrapping


A smile soon forgotten

Lost in the abyss soon to come

So how did I meet you

A radiant light

Warming everything in your touch


How did we come to be

An unfaithful encounter

Pushing me back to the surface

Walking on the pitch black road


I lost myself within the tides

Not knowing where to go

Not knowing what to do

Yet you reached out your hand

To tell me it’s all right


The pain I felt now once a forgotten memory

By just the smile you gave

The sorrows deep within

Melting away under your embrace

Your kindness proving to me

That not all hope is lost


So how did I find you

When I had lost all hope

How were you the one

To walk into my life

And shine through the darkness

That I’ve lost myself to


I look up at the darken sky

To see the stars glimmering

So beautifully stretch

But yet only one

Out glows all the rest

Flowing down across the way

To guide me straight to you


So how did I find you

Was it fate who brought me to you

How did we come to be

Was it destiny playing its part

With all these questions drifting around

I look into your eyes and smile

A once forgotten smile


You slowly lifted me up

To stand back on my feet.

You gave me courage to face the world

After I had given up

You touched my soul

In places where I thought was gone


And now I can walk again

Not afraid of the world

I can see the everlasting sorrows

The tides of despair

Yet I walk upon it now

With your hand tightly held

For now I know that things with be alright

As long as I walk there with you

Writing Corner

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