Writing Corner: Return

Drifting unknown to myself

Wrapped in this loneliness and hurt

I wonder how I ended up here

As rivers are created

By my ever endless tears


My heart cries out

Yet only the deep silence is returned

I once knew how to smile

Until you took that away from me


I remember the warmth of joy

That would shine upon me

Telling me that I can face the world

With you always by my side


The kindness that radiates from you

And lifted me out of despair

Yet now I am thrown back into the abyss

Back in the shadowed lands that I once had wandered


Seeing the old black road

The sorrows returning,

The darkness creeping up,

The coldness of the wind

Slowly wrapping, entangling, imprisoning me

For I have returned to a place I know so well


What happened to that shine

That would shoot through my darkness

The hope that I found

That guided me straight to you

Yet only pain and sadness remain


For I am wandering about

In searching for that radiant light

I found once upon a time

For I know that one day

Even though I may forever be asleep

In this enwrapping darkness

My savior will come for me

And take me back up high

Where I can once smile again

Writing Corner

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